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Report: Ukraine Worked With Dems To SABOTAGE Trump

If you’re getting the Leftist side of the story, you think that Russia and Donald Trump colluded to keep Hillary out of office and elect a puppet of Vladimir Putin. But if you get the rest of the story – the real story, you know that’s not true at all. …

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The FBI was Hiding Something HUGE About Russia Hacks! TRUMP WAS RIGHT

If you thought there was something extra suspicious about this whole “Russia hacking the Democrats” narrative, you were dead right. Today it was revealed that despite the FBI saying they KNOW Russia hacked the Democrats, they never even ONCE actually checked the email servers of the DNC! Instead federal law enforcement …

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FBI Make Massive Discovery At Southern Border!

Is America under ISIS invasion?! Look what happened at Mexico border! Good thing is that Trump is in the White House so he is going to act very fast! According to Conservative Tribune: Eight Syrian nationals attempted to illegally enter the United States from Mexico on Monday, raising new concerns …

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