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Supreme Court Reversal Gives Trump A HUGE Win Over Illegals!

In a shocking 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court has ruled that illegal aliens do not have the automatic right to sue anyone who they feel has mistreated them. The company in Detroit who Öred illegal migrant workers for not turning up, the illegal migrants who are suing the government for …

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Duffy Just Flicked Gowdy’s Ear Live On TV

During a live interview with CNN, while former prosecutor Rep. Trey Gowdy was answering a question, something pretty interesting happened that was caught by public eye. The CNN anchor asked him what was his opinion on today’s testimony for the FBI Director on Capitol Hill. Member of both intelligence and …

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America’s Sixth President Explains Islam in One Sentence

John Quincy Adams, our sixth President sums up his thoughts about the religion of Islam in one short sentence. He was nicknamed “The Hell-Hound of Slavery” for relentlessly speaking out against slavery and single-handedly led the fight to lift the gag rule that prohibited discussion of slavery on the House …

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