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Just Before Leaving Office, Obama Brings Muslim Hijhabs to the Military

During President Barack Obama’s disastrous eight years, the United States military has struggled with how to reply to religious petitions from service members who violate the military’s dress code.  The code has been historically strict, but now in a shocking change, the military announced an immediate change which requires all …

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Breaking: Fort Lauderdale Shooter Was On Obama’s Payroll

Reports out of Fort Lauderdale are making it clear that just like every time something horrible happens in America, President Obama is to blame. This time, a shooter with a Hispanic name shot and killed at least 5 people and wounded at least 8 others.  The dishonest media has already …

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BREAKING: House DEFIES Obama, New Gun Bill Has Him FURIOUS!

The new Congress thinks it’s time for a nationwide gun reciprocity bill that rather wipes out eight years of Obama’s anti-Second Amendment efforts. To this end, the angrypatriotmovement reported that North Carolina Representative Richard Hudson introduced a national concealed carry reciprocity bill to Congress. Hudson’s office published a great summary of this legislation, according to Breitbart: …

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Trump Plans 1st Christian Inauguration In History

Donald Trump’s inauguration is shaping up to be very special.  And Christians everywhere will certainly applaud the latest announcement from the inauguration committee. Trump just announced 6 religious figures will speak, among them Franklin Graham. Cardinal Timothy Dolan will start the ceremony followed by with readings and invocations from pastor …

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