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BREAKING: Trump Just Made Sure Hillary Clinton WILL Go To Jail

President Donald Trump, in his greatest move ever as our supreme leader, has ensured that Hillary Clinton will pay for her crimes against America and humanity. By signing executive order 143hrc50839, our president has removed any chance Clinton has of continuing to lie to congress or the courts. The EO …

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WOW! 3 MUSLIM BROTHERS Working For Dems In Congress CAUGHT Accessing Unauthorized Top-Secret Government Intel…One Has Criminal Background…May Have Ties To Muslim Brotherhood [VIDEO]

B…b…but the Russians! Maria Bartiromo goes NUTS on Varney and Company! Here is the transcript of Maria’s incredible and under-reported story to Stuart Varney: 3 Congressional IT employees have been fired for accessing members computer networks without permission. Maria’s on the show, knows more about this. Can you fill me …

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