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Hundreds Of Illegal Immigrants Got Arrested Across Six States

Agents from the US federal immigration organization arrested several hundreds of undocumented immigrants in no less than six states this week in what officials on Friday implemented routine enforcement moves. Immigration sweeps were reported this week triggered worries within immigration supporters and families, due to President Donald Trump’s executive order …

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George Soros has been caught organizing anti-Trump riots across America through a liberal activist group he funds via the Open Society Foundations. U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 115 is clear and if Trump calls for an investigation that can reveal who the man is behind …

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BREAKING: Trump Just Made Sure Hillary Clinton WILL Go To Jail

President Donald Trump, in his greatest move ever as our supreme leader, has ensured that Hillary Clinton will pay for her crimes against America and humanity. By signing executive order 143hrc50839, our president has removed any chance Clinton has of continuing to lie to congress or the courts. The EO …

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