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Secret Service On HIGH Alert After Trump Found Something DISTURBING On His Door Step – PLEASE PRAY

The nation was left in a positive shock yesterday, when President Donald Trump decided to finally cut the strings of corruption in the administration, and fire the FBI Director James Comey. While millions of people were cheering at the decision, there were liberals, who ironically, after months of asking for Comey’s firing, decided to turn against Trump as soon as he made the move.

Now, President Trump is being attacked by liberals on social media, as well as Hollywood divas, and the biggest Trump-haters such as Whoopi Goldberg and others.

But the chaos did not end there, as today, hundreds of aggressive anti-Trump protesters took it to the streets in front of the White House to trash him on his wat seemed to be one of the best decision in short period of time in office. The protesters were moving quickly and in large numbers, reportedly threatening the life of the President, sending all of the Secret Service agents in high-alert mode.

But the ranting didn’t end there, as the same people who ironically begged for Comey’s firing and marched the streets as soon as he was let go, took it to Twitter as well, to continue the bashing with their series of nonsense offensive tweets:

If you ask us, these liberals don’t know what they really want, and it is clear to everyone with a decent knowledge of politics, that they are willing to switch on whatever side they can only so they can hate on President Trump, but that is where we, the patriots come in, to show him our support and show the every anti-Trump protester that we are stronger and better than them.

Let’s spread the word and show President Trump and the First Family our support in these hard times!

Please pray nothing bad happens to our President and his family!

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