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Look What Happened Immediately After President Trump Landed In Washington

President Trump mysteriously delayed deplaning from Air Force One for forty five minutes immediately after landing in DC. He landed at Joint Base Andrews just outside Washington DC, on Sunday night after spending a weekend at his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey. The doors of Air Force One remained closed even though the mobile staircase had been set up to the plane for Trump to walk down.

Air Force One landed at 8:40 pm EDT, but President Trump left the plane at 9:25.

His son-in-law Jared Kushner left the plane, and returned back two times before Trump left. Kushner was asked by the reporters why Trump delayed deplaning, and he responded that the President was “just working on something.” A White House official later told reporters that Trump was holding a meeting but did not explain further.

Deputy National Security Advisor, KT McFarland, was seen on Marine One, the helicopter used to shuttle President Trump to the White House.

When Trump finally appeared, he looked sober and weary. He was captured as he left the Air Force One and then Marine One as he arrived at the White House.

Let’s pray that it was just a meeting, and nothing bad happened to President Trump. He needs our prayers folks!

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