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Outrage After Obama Was Caught In Plot Against President Trump – This Is TREASON!!

Former president Obama is desperate to preserve his meager legacy, and he is willing to do anything to stop Trump

One of Obama’s close family friends has reached out to the media and admitted that Obama is planning to “oust Trump from the presidency, either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment.”

Upon leaving the White House, Obama was granted an office in downtown Washington, D.C. The office, which is paid for by the taxpayers, is barred from being used to further political objectives.

So, Obama and his lackeys purchased a $5.3 million mansion to coordinate their coup against President Trump.

According to the source, Obama was convinced to lead the opposition against Trump by his closest aide, Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett will be joining Obama in his mansion and will have her own bedroom.

Obama was convinced that the only way he could preserve his legacy was by running his new office as an organizational headquarters against President Trump. Trump was elected to office on the basis of fixing Obama’s mistakes and reversing course from the failed administration.

The people supported President Trump, and they want to see Obama’s failures stricken from history. Of course, Obama does not care about We the People; he would rather preserve his image than help Americans.

The opposition better act fast if they desire to save Obama’s legacy, as President Trump is working diligently each day to demolish the policies of the Obama administration.

On his first day as president, Trump signed an executive order dismantling the worst excesses of Obamacare. While we are now waiting for Congress to act on repealing the bloated healthcare act, Trump has made his commitment to us clear. A full repeal and replacement of Obamacare is coming.

And abroad, President Trump has started to reassert America on the world stage. He has ended the disastrous trade agreements, like the TPP, which would have cost millions of Americans jobs. President Trump is also standing up to the dictators of the world in countries like North Korea and Syria, proving that we do not tolerate war criminals.

Obama cannot be allowed to fulfill his plan to impeach the duly elected president. He is attempting a coup against the will of the people to maintain his self-image.

Hilariously, Obama has abandoned his mission, at least temporarily, as he has fled the country in fear of being forced to testify, or worse, as the crimes of his administration are finally being investigated. His cronies are still working for him, of course, but they are no match for us patriots. President Trump, along with We the People, WILL drain the swamp, and Obama and company WILL be brought to justice!

What do you think about this?!

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