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S.O.S! Sheriff BEGS Trump To Send ICE Agents — Being INFESTED!

It must have been very difficult being in law enforcement over the last 8 years.

The Obama administration did everything possible to tie the hands of our proud men and women in blue, which has led to a rise in crime in many major cities.

By allowing for illegals to flood the country, and doing little to even deport those that commit violent crimes, Obama and his supporters proved that they care nothing about our nation’s laws or its people.

As reported at Breitbart, in light of Trump’s presidential victory, many law enforcement officers now feel that they have a sympathetic ally listening to their pleas for help.

The latest officer to solicit support from the president is an Ohio sheriff named Richard K. Jones.

In a letter, he asked President Trump to send Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers to Butler County, Ohio, to begin a program of workplace enforcement,” according to Fox 19.

The American citizens are tired of dealing with this issue, tired of hearing on the news how an illegal alien committed a crime here and just gets to return home, tired of illegal aliens bringing and trading drugs in this country, and tired of losing jobs to companies who are willing to hire illegals and pay them far less wages,”said Jones.

He added, Our citizens are at risk to their health and physical safety every day that this country allows them to be here.”

Jones, like many conservatives, wants Trump to revamp and utilize ICE because they believe it would mean fewer people on welfare and better wages for folks once businesses are held accountable and no longer allowed to hire illegals for cheap labor.

Jones went on the Fox Business channel to discuss his letter and if his stance was popular in the county he protects.

He said his views are widely held and pointed to the fact that Trump easily carried Ohio, despite having the state’s governor run against him and offer no support once Trump became the nominee.

The media wants us to believe that Trump’s immigration policies are unpopular, but that simply isn’t the case.

These are the same people that gave Trump a 1 percent chance of victory and got so many things wrong during the election.

They also have an incentive to push this false narrative because they are die-hard leftists that hate the idea of border enforcement.

The American people sent a message in November that they no longer would tolerate the lawlessness of the Left.

The people desperately want our government to protect its borders and reign in immigration.

Trump has heard our pleas and taken a solid stance on the issue.

The time is ripe for reform, and we couldn’t have a better person in the White House to lead the way.

Source: www.americandailypatriot.com

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