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Amazing Super Bowl Ad Couldn’t Air Until After the Game – Now We Know Why!

The Super Bowl this year was more exciting than the ads. There were too many multi-million dollar ads which had heavy-handed political messages, supporting illegal immigration, or lecturing about the so-called “gender pay gap.”

All night long, the ads felt like we were being preached to by corporate America to support far-left causes.

 But at the end of the game, Hyundai had an incredible ad. It showed American soldiers who were unable to be home with their families during the game.

It couldn’t air during the game, because the scenes were filmed during the game while the Atlanta Falcons battled with the New England Patriots!

And more importantly, it shows Hyundai making it possible for our troops to watch the big game with the family members they love. This is extraordinary:

Thank you Hyundai for supporting our troops. After eight years of Obama, our military has been demoralized and too many of our troops are unable to enjoy time with their families.

This is, without question, the best Super Bowl ad of the game. Well done, and may God always protect our troops!

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