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Obama Gives Tortured Teen Big ‘F -YOU’ With Public Gift To Racist Attackers

Our jaws collectively dropped to the floor as we watched, in heart-wrenching agony, the torture of a mentally-ill white teen broadcasted via Facebook Live. Four racist black attackers made the victim drink dirty toilet water and held a knife to his throat, among other unspeakable acts of depravity. Unfortunately, it gets worse as Barack Obama just gave the boy a big “F-you” with a public gift for his attackers.

After viewing the horrifying footage of the assailants yelling, “F*** Trump,” and “F*** white people,” there is no doubt whatsoever about one thing: the kidnapping and torture of the white victim was a racially-motivated hate crime.

Well, let me rephrase. There’s no doubt about that one thing unless you’re the race-baiter extraordinaire who is personally responsible for inspiring the absolute worst racial tensions in our country since it was segregated. Enter President Obama and his faithful idiot, Josh Earnest.

At a press conference following the live-streamed torture, Earnest made sure not to throw anyone under the bus by calling the attack a hate crime. How thoughtful.

Fox News reporter Kevin Corker, who is African-American, explicitly asked the White House press secretary if the video “rises to the level of a hate crime,” but even then, Earnest could not bring himself to say those two little words.

“I think it’s too early to tell, I… uh… uh… certainly, don’t want to predict where the investigation would lead,” stammered Earnest, almost as if he had been instructed never to utter the phrase which so obviously described the actions of the black suspects in the video.

“I think our expectation would be that local law enforcement would follow the facts and I wouldn’t speculate at this point about to what degree federal officials would get involved for considering those kinds of crimes,” he added.

Too early to tell!? What else could possibly be required to convince Obama and his minions that the attackers were motivated by racial hate?! You don’t kidnap a mentally handicapped teen and physically abuse him while shouting racial obscenities if you have any respect for those of different races.

This is exactly the reason we are seeing videos of this nature in the first place. From the day he took office, Obama has refused to condemn black-on-white violence, all the while emboldening minorities to take action against the “evil white man” for perceived past injustices. This administration has shown zero leadership, and now, we are seeing the consequences.

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